About Mike

Hello and welcome to my internet and online marketing website, where I will try to guide you towards a serious online income. Sharing everything I have learnt and discovered over many years. Making sure you avoid some of the costly mistakes I have made along the way.

Mike’s Story

Born in Staffordshire, England in 1958 I soon left at the age of 6 months (obviously Parents in tow) and it’s been a somewhat nomadic and changing story since then.

From leaving school in Leicester at the age of 16 I trained in my early days as an accountant. After d.eciidng that constant studying and exams was something that i wanted to leave behind at school I chose to move on (posisbly foolishly) to “greener pastures”.

In the years since, I have been a full time Agent for a major Political Party, an Estate Agent in London, a financial analyst and Publican/Restauranteur amongst other things and have lived in most Counties in The UK and also spent 5 years in Spain.

Why Internet Marketing ?.

Well, as you can probably gather from My Story so far, i have lived a somewhat nomadic life and I have always loved to travel.

Unfortunately from either not enough time or not enough hard earned cash, for many years that was not as frequent as i would have liked. Other people seemed to be making huge money from The Online World and were that rare thing of being both Cash and Time rich. That was a luxury I wanted and felt why not me.

Now I want to help You

I had The Dream and as you have come to My Website I guess You have The Dream to.

On the way I made many mistakes, mistakes that cost both time and money. Sometimes it seemed like The Dream was impossible, just for the lucky few and not the many. The trouble was, I had a feeling it wasn’t difficult but didn’t have much of an idea of where to start. My internet knowledge was very limited and consisted of just random google searches on “how to get rich on line”. etc. Needless to say i was bombarded with products all claiming to produce a huge income in just a few clicks of your keyboard.

Then slowly, it dawned on me, what i was trying to build was a real business and businesses take time to build and they take know how. So I set about gaining the necessary knowledge and building the foundations for that “Real Business”

Let Me help You.

When buiding this website My aim was to do my best to help other people who have the same Dream that I had. Give them access to all the programmes that I have found success with and help them avoid the time consuming and costly mistakes along the way.

This is no get rich quick scheme , but a guide to what has worked for Me and the foundations for YOUR SUCCESS.

Wishing You much success.

Michael Rowe